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Black Sea Area & Ravda

Black Sea Area and Ravda

Black Sea   

In medieval times, the large bay situated between Cape Emine and Nessebar, on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast had two large fresh water springs. The locals earned a living by selling drinking water to Nessebar, which had none of its own. Northward, the long indented coastline is bordered by the spurs of the Balkan range and southward - by the heights of the Strandzha Mountain.

Picturesque bays, spacious sand beaches, gently washed by a warm sea, are the hallmark of the Bulgarian Southern Black Sea coast. The first development here started in 1958. Today, the 6 km beach, with its golden sand and safe, friendly sea, known as Sunny Beach, is generally reputed as the biggest and the most popular Bulgarian beach resort.

Bulgaria offers endless possibilities to those who wish to explore the land and enjoy the proverbial Bulgarian hospitality. What is most irresistible is the beautiful coastline of almost 400 kilometres. The summer, thanks to the airflows from the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, is less hot than in neighbouring Turkey or Greece, with an average air and water temperature of 27ºC and 25ºC respectively.

Modern civilisation has added comfort and luxury to the riches of nature, to create true magic in holiday villages like Sunny Beach, Ravda, Nessebar, Elenite, and Sozopol. Nowadays, in the local restaurants the foreign tourists are enchanted by the unique artistic atmosphere of the Strandzha fire-dances.


Ravda is less than 15 km from Bourgas Airport and only 5 km from Sunny Beach. It is known as a family resort due to its relaxing atmosphere, healthy climate, fine golden sand, and clean water. Here, even the local road keeps its distance. Therefore, it is the ideal place for those who seek a perfect vacation.

A most attractive feature of Ravda is its recreation opportunities. Sunbathing is just one of many things you could do to enjoy your stay here. Active individuals will find countless other ways of engaging the elements of sun and sea - diving in crystal-clear water, windsurfing in the light breeze, and sailing along the rugged coastline... From early morning to the starlit evening, every day will offer something special to those who thirst for adventure. Also the nearby AquaWaterParkAnd if crowded bars, throbbing discotheques, or wild beach parties are more to your heart’s desire, Sunny Beach and Nessebar are only a few kilometres away.